v. t.
1) to cause to move around on an axis or about a center; rotate:
to turn a wheel[/ex]
2) to cause to move around or partly around, as for the purpose of opening, closing, or tightening:
to turn a key[/ex]
3) to reverse the position or placement of:
to turn a page[/ex]
4) to bring the lower layers of (sod, soil, etc.) to the surface, as in plowing
5) to change the position of, by or as if by rotating; move into a different position:
to turn the handle one notch[/ex]
6) to change or reverse the course of; divert; deflect
7) to change the focus or tendency of
8) to change or alter the nature, character, or appearance of
9) to change or convert (usu. fol. by into or to):
to turn water into ice[/ex]
10) to render or make by some change
11) to change the color of (leaves)
12) to cause to become sour, to ferment, or the like
13) pat brit. to affect (the stomach) with nausea
14) to change from one form of expression to another; translate
15) to put or apply to some use or purpose
16) to go or pass around or to the other side of:
to turn a street corner[/ex]
17) to reach or pass (a certain age, amount, etc.)
18) to direct, aim, or set toward, away from, or in a specified direction
19) bui to shape (a piece of metal, wood, etc.) into rounded form with a cutting tool while rotating on a lathe
20) to bring into a rounded or curved form in any way
21) to form or express gracefully:
to turn a phrase[/ex]
22) to cause to go; send; drive
23) to revolve in the mind; ponder (often fol. by over)
24) to persuade (a person) to change or reorder the course of his or her life
25) to cause to be antagonistic toward:
turning children against their parents[/ex]
26) to maintain a steady flow or circulation of (money or merchandise)
27) cvb to earn or gain:
She turned a profit on the sale[/ex]
28) to reverse (a garment, collar, etc.) so that the inner side becomes the outer
29) to pour from one container into another by inverting
30) to curve, bend, or twist
31) to twist out of position; wrench:
He turned his ankle[/ex]
32) to bend back or blunt (the edge of a blade)
33) spo to perform (a gymnastic feat) by rotating or revolving
34) psi to disturb the mental balance of; distract; derange
35) to disorder or upset the placement or condition of
36) to move around on an axis or about a center; rotate
37) bui to move partly around through the arc of a circle, as a door on a hinge
38) to hinge or depend (usu. fol. by on or upon):
The question turns on this point[/ex]
39) to direct or set one's course toward, away from, or in a particular direction
40) to direct one's thought, gaze, attention, etc., toward or away from someone or something
41) to give or apply one's interest, effort, etc., to something; pursue:
to turn to crime[/ex]
42) to change or reverse a course so as to face or go in a different or the opposite direction:
to turn to the right[/ex]
43) to shift the body about as if on an axis
44) to assume a curved form; bend
45) to become blunted or dulled by bending, as the cutting edge of a knife or saw
46) pat to be affected with nausea, as the stomach
47) to be affected with giddiness or dizziness
48) to change or transfer one's loyalties; defect
49) to change an attitude or policy:
to turn against a person[/ex]
50) to change or alter, as in nature, character, or appearance
51) to become sour, rancid, or fermented, as milk or butter
52) to change color:
The leaves turn in October[/ex]
53) to change so as to be; become:
to turn pale[/ex]
54) to have recourse for help or information:
to turn to a friend for a loan[/ex]
55) psi to become mentally unbalanced or distracted
56) naut. navig. to put about or tack, as a ship
57) phv turn down
a) to turn over; fold down
b) to lower in intensity; lessen
c) to refuse or reject (a person, request, etc.)
58) phv turn in
a) to hand in; submit
b) to inform on or deliver up
c) inf to go to bed; retire
59) phv turn off
a) to stop the flow of (water, gas, etc.), as by closing a faucet or valve
b) to extinguish (a light)
c) to divert; deflect
d) to drive a vehicle or walk onto (a side road) from a main road
e) sts Slang. to disaffect, alienate, or disgust
60) phv turn on
a) to cause (water, gas, etc.) to flow, as by opening a valve
b) to switch on (a light)
c) to put into operation; activate
d) to start suddenly to affect or show:
turned on the charm[/ex]
e) sts Slang. to induce (a person) to take a narcotic drug
f) sts Slang. to take a narcotic drug
g) sts Slang. to arouse the interest of; engage
h) sts Slang. to arouse sexually
i) Also, turn upon. to become suddenly hostile to
61) phv turn out
a) to extinguish (a light)
b) to produce as the result of labor
c) to drive out; dismiss; discharge
d) to come to be; become ultimately
e) to be found or known; prove
62) phv turn over
a) to move or be moved from one side to another
b) to put in reverse position; invert
c) to transfer; give
d) to start (an engine)
e) (of an engine) to start
63) phv turn up
a) to fold (material, a hem, cuffs, etc.) up or over in order to alter a garment
b) to bring to the surface by digging
c) to uncover; find
d) to intensify or increase
e) to occur
f) to appear; arrive
g) to be recovered
h) to come to notice; be seen
64) a movement of partial or total rotation:
a turn of the handle[/ex]
65) an act of changing position or posture, as by a rotary movement:
a turn of the head[/ex]
66) a time or opportunity for action that comes in due order
67) an act of changing or reversing the course or direction
68) a place or point at which such a change occurs
69) a place where a road, river, or the like turns; bend
70) a single revolution, as of a wheel
71) an act of turning so as to face or go in a different direction
72) direction, drift, or trend
73) any change, as in nature, condition, or circumstances
74) the point or time of change
75) rounded or curved form
76) the shape or mold in which something is formed or cast
77) a passing or twisting of one thing around another, as of a rope around a mast
78) the state or manner of being twisted
79) a single circular or convoluted shape, as of a coiled or wound rope
80) bui a small latch operated by a turning knob or lever
81) a distinctive form or style of expression or language
82) a short walk, ride, or the like out and back, esp. by different routes
83) a natural inclination, bent, tendency, or aptitude:
one's turn of mind[/ex]
84) a spell or period of work; shift
85) an attack of illness or the like
86) an act of service or disservice
87) requirement, exigency, or need:
This will serve your turn[/ex]
88) treatment or rendering, esp. with reference to the form or content of a work of literature, art, etc.; twist
89) inf a nervous shock, as from fright or astonishment
90) mad mus a melodic embellishment or grace, commonly consisting of a principal tone with two auxiliary tones, one above and the other below it
91) brit. sbz an individual stage performance
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME, partly continuing OE turnian, tyrnan < L tornāre to turn on a lathe, round off (der. of tornus lathe < Gk tórnos tool for making circles), partly < OF torner, t(o) urner < L turn′a•ble, adj.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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